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Special Learners Included through Computers in Education


The SLICE™ Program is a patented computer mediated reading assist specifically created for individuals with print disabilities. Originally designed to promote full classroom inclusion of middle school students with dyslexic-type learning disabilities, research continues to demonstrate that most students grades 3-12 also improve in reading skills. (See links to reports below)

SLICE™ students access their textbooks, current novels, training manuals, etc. from an online, electronic library and while viewing the text on the computer screen, they listen to it being read aloud through personal headphones.  A cursor simultaneously highlights the words. The technology provides students with a consistent sight/sound match, thereby replicating historically successful strategies for teaching reading such as Paired Reading and the Neurological Impress Method. Students typically benefit in fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and phonemic awareness.

Dr. Lynda Morris, active in the field of special education for the last 40 years, has guided the research and development of the SLICE Program. Today the system is helping hundreds of young people achieve a wide variety of personal goals in school and beyond.

Read Reports:

  • "Do Screen Readers Help Young Students Who Have Learning Disabilities?" ( pdf ) ( doc )

    Closing the Gap: Computer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation

    Presentation at the 17th Annual Conference October 22, 1999

  • Special Learners Included Through Computers in Education (SLICE) - Evaluation Report - (pdf) (doc)
  • Summary of Qualitative Evaluation-South Dakota Middle School - (pdf) (doc)
  • Research Basis of the SLICE Program - (pdf) (doc)
  • SLICE™ Struggling Reader Research Study 2004 ( pdf ) ( doc )
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