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Our programs are high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of students in grades 3-12 who struggle with reading. We focus on students diagnosed with reading disabilities, identified for ESL programs, or schools that are failing to make Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP) as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

  • "Do Screen Readers Help Young Students Who Have Learning Disabilities?" (pdf) (doc)

    Closing the Gap: Computer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation

    Presentation at the 17th Annual Conference October 22, 1999

  • Special Learners Included through Computers in Education (SLICE™) - Evaluation Report - (pdf) (doc)
  • Research Basis of the SLICE™ Program - (pdf) (doc)
  • Summary of Qualitative Evaluation-South Dakota Middle School - (pdf) (doc)
  • SLICE™ Struggling Reader Research Study 2004 (pdf) (doc)


Are you working on an education degree and want to do a thesis on reading, special education law, or assistive technology? 

Does your school want to present at a conference or to an educational cohort on the use of assistive technology in your school?

If so, please contact Dr. Lynda Morris by email at for information on writing opportunities.


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