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SLICE™ Program

Slice LogoThe SLICE™ Program is a patented computer mediated reading assist created for individuals with print disabilities. The program supports students who are unable to cope with the amount or pace of reading required in secondary school, GED programs, technical schools or college. Through SLICE™, students are able to access textbooks, novels, training manuals, etc. from an online, electronic library and listen to the material being read aloud through personal headphones while viewing the text on the computer screen. A cursor highlights each word as the student hears it being read aloud.



Story Spinner™

Story Spinner™ uses mp3 technology to deliver age and grade appropriate literature to students in grades 3-12 who are experiencing reading difficulties. The Native American series provides “print disabled” readers with alternative access to contemporary and traditional books that are culturally significant. The Story Spinner™ (RI) series is an 18 week instructional program for struggling readers.




APEL Staff Development

Staff development courses for schools who administer and implement assistive technology programs in classrooms. Courses include:

  • SLICE™ Site Coordinator Training
  • SLICE™ Facilitator Training
  • Screen Reader Workshop
  • Screen Reader with SLICE™ Tips Workshop


APEL™ Summer Reading Program

The APEL™ Summer Reading Program allows non-special education students to participate in a “Crash Course in the Classics”. Students read 1 hour per day in 15 minutes sessions during the summer. The program can be delivered to your students FREE of charge for 30 days.

Read the supporting research

SLICE™ Struggling Reader Research Study 2004 ( pdf ) ( doc )

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