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Lynda Morris, PhD began her career teaching institutionalized mentally handicapped children immediately after graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1968. A few years later, she completed an MA degree in Special Education (emphasis in learning disabilities) at the University of Denver and taught in an elementary school resource room, a junior high school Title I reading program and served with the Board of Cooperative Services (BOCS) as a regional special education consultant in western Colorado.

Dr. Morris completed her doctorate degree at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, SCOTLAND. Her doctoral work investigated how Scottish and American parents involved themselves in their child's education when the school had identified the child as having a learning disability. Insights from that research inspired her to establish APEL Education Consultancy LLC, a company that focuses on using computer technology to assist students and adults who struggle with reading.

In 1994/95 Dr. Morris conceptualized and piloted the SLICE™ Program. SLICE™ involves the systematic implementation of computer hardware and software to support older students who have reading and language disabilities. The program incorporates the principles of classroom inclusion, academic achievement and student autonomy. After conducting field testing in several states, including schools on two Native American reservations, Dr. Morris secured a patent for the SLICE™ Program in 2000.

Dr. Morris began developing Story Spinner after being approached by parents whose young children were not learning to read through classroom phonic instruction. Story Spinner is a turnkey reading remediation kit that uses the same computer technology as SLICE™ to introduce and reinforce a whole language approach to reading.

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