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SLICE Site Coordinator Training

                                         October 5*, 6, & 7, 2016    Registration Closed

October 19*, 20, & 21, 2016

November 2*, 3, & 4, 2016

*Training will start at Noon (Mountain Standard Time) on Wednesday

Training will end at 5:00 p.m. Friday

1. Registration Form

Attach the original to your requisition,

then fax a copy to APEL to reserve your seat.

2.Training Assignments

Please download and print (there will be a total of 5 pages) Syllabus & Assignments, Student Roster, Compliance Affidavit, and Curriculum Inventory Sheet and make sure to bring them with you to training.

Curriculum Inventory Form

3.Watch "Introducting SLICE" (Power Point)

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Native American Literature






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