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APEL Staff Development

SLICE™ Site Coordinator Training

Site Coordinator Training offers 20 hours of hands-on practice using the technology and direct instruction. The course integrates the fundamental principles of SLICE, educational mandates and ongoing research with practical strategies for implementation. It benefits all Special Education staff, Reading Specialists, general educators who practice inclusion, IT staff, and administrators.

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(Comments from Course Evaluation)

“I can't wait to go back and implement my goals with our children. Now I know exactly how to help my RTI students 3-8 th grade.”

“I learned a lot and I will return to work more knowledgeable with technology. I can't wait to try the program!”


SLICE™ Facilitator Training

The Facilitator Training Course (7 hours) is for individuals who work directly with learners at a subscribed SLICE™ site using the designated software and SLICE™ supplementary materials to deliver the program.

Screen Reader Workshop

A half day seminar on the eReader designed to thoroughly acquaint the attendee with the many features ...

Screen Reader with SLICE™ Tips Workshop

A full day seminar in which participants (SLICE™ Facilitators and students) become completely familiar with CAST eReaderand, the APEL Online Library and BRITE Horizons Chafee Depository ... An essential course for teacher and tutors who intend to integrate the reader into an existing curriculum.

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